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  How to generate 5+ time return on your real estate investment?

  如何在房地产上只胜不败 ? --- 投资回报5+倍的秘诀


 In early 2011, I have released my new real estate golden rule  on my TV Talk show,  which to ensure you
generate 5+ time return on your real estate investment and never lose a dime.

This golden rule has  fundamental analysis,  technical analysis, risk management,  3 basic tools, similar to
stock market financial analysis.  Hope this can help you on investing and  managing  your biggest assets,
achieving financial freedom.  It is beneficial for life long once you know the know-how.


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Help You Accumulate Wealth, Enjoy Life !  帮您积累财富,品味生活   


华住买卖业楼盘买卖高回报物业投资,  Luxury Residence, Commercial Investment Properties.



Allow me to list your home for a quick sale at top dollar. As real estate specialist, I know what it takes to
sell your home. I bring expert knowledge, valuable experience blended with the latest technology,
a well-defined marketing plan, a cohesive network, energy, enthusiasm and the excitement of a job well done.

Seller Incentives  

  • SOLD Performance Guarantee to sell within half of the market avg time, or sell it for Free
  • Anytime Listing Cancellation Guarantee, to guaranty Seller risk free
  • Free Staging, Free Virtual Tour
  • Free Home and Termite Inspections
  • Seniors Discount for Seller age at 65+
  • Free Home Evaluation, Free Market Update, Free Neighborhood Report

       (Restrictions Apply)  


Our Objectives          

  • Expose your home to the maximum numbers of capable Buyers Worldwide?
  • Promote the unique features and lifestyle of your property to Buyers?
  • Present your home in the best look and impression?
  • Make the selling process easy, convenient and hassle-free to Seller?
  • Get the top $ in the least amount of time at the least amount of cost?


Cutting Edge Worldwide Marketing Plan 

Our 72-point worldwide marketing plan covers all the areas to get you the top $ in the least amount of time,
with least amount of hassle and cost:

  • Worldwide Listing Service to up to 115 counties in 19  languages, and syndicated to

          60+ international portals.

  • Uniqueness Identification & Property Positioning to make your home in best presentable features,

          lifestyle, staging, pricing.

  • High Tech Marketing with Internet, photo, video, audio, mobile, text, virtual tour.
  • Traditional Marketing to promote to maximum numbers of buyers with traditional ways.
  • Affiliate Network Marketing to promote to specialized real estate networks.
  • Negotiation and Communication to qualify buyers and negotiate the top $.
  • Escrow and Process Control to ensure a smooth, problem-free transaction.

If you are planning to place your home on the market, browse my website for valuable information on
preparing your home for sale, pricing your home right, marketing it effectively and the home inspection processes.



We have a common goal: Making you a homeowner. Let's make it happen!
Ensuring you exceptional service at every step of your home buying process.

  • Search listings from the convenience of your home.
  • Be the first to get new listings that match your criteria.
  • Get real estate market watch updates for listings in your area.
  • "For Buyers" - Your source for the latest tips, checklists and free reports.
  • Personal Consultation - Vast experience and knowledge you can rely on.
  • Financial advice - Loans, Mortgages, interest and tax benefits.
  • Community information and Utilities.


BORROWERS 帮您借钱,省钱 ->赚钱

    NO COST Mortgage,  quick and hassle free,  lowest rate guaranteed.

    Super greate jumbo/conventional mortgage rates, special propgrams to help you accumulate wealth

  • unlimited investment property purchase/refi/cash out, up to 75% LTV, up to $650k loan amount, min 620 credit
  • 3% down pay conforming purchase
  • 80/10/10, 90% LTV jumbo, lender paid mortgage insurance
  • delayed financing/cashing out within 6 months, up to 10 loaned properties, full doc
  • US Citizen or green card working abroad
  • stated Jumbo up to 75% LTV, up to $2.0m/$2.5m,  no/3/12month bank statements, self employed,
        primary, 2nd home, investment, min credit score 700, purchase or cash out
  • 1 yr purchase or cash out after foreclosure/ short sale/bankruptcy, up to 55% LTV


       ( generally, it is 7 yr after foreclosure, 2 or 4 yr after short sale before ), min credit score 620
  • 1 yr self employed with 1 year tax return, up to 75% LTV, $1m, min 700 credit
  • condo litigation, building related lawsuit OK, OO
  • stated foreign investors, up to 60% LTV, up to $1m
  • hard money
  • construction loan at attractive rate
  • reverse mortgage for 55+ and free and clear property
  • asset depletion,  convert your asset to income for qualification

and  much, much more ...

    Please call 650-260-5022 to discuss in detail about your needs.


Is your best interest/asset protected?

Seller:  new Palo Alto residents Song family: “Diane has super level of energy and integrity”.
               Diane sold their previous home in a week with 14 offers, 2 round bid & negotiation,
               26% exceeding Zillow value.

Buyer new Palo Alto residents Heyler family: “Diane is a star with ultra integrity”.
               Diane sealed their Palo Alto home purchase at $2.2m while having their $2.6m offer in hands,
               saved  $400k for them, while they were abroad.

Borrower:  never met Arnoldus family: “Diane is a very diligent mortgage broker.
                   Not only does she offer the best rates she also compares the escrow fees closely
                  and look out for ways to save us money. Diane successfully handled 5 loans in a row
                  for us this year and we have 100% confidence in her

All Hands:  Former Palo Alto resident, friend Helen: "Diane has helped me with a few
                   real estate buy/sell transactions. She is a tough negotiator and is always
                   on the look out of my benefit. She works very hard and is always on top of things
                   and keeps me posted on progress. Being a savvy real estate investor herself,
                   she is very knowledgeable about location, market condition and financing,
                   and has been a valuable adviser to me. Thank you, Diane!


More references and testimonials,  please visit   http://www.realtor.com/bio/wiserealty


FREE REPORTS,  帮您未雨绸缪, 只胜不败!

Whether you are thinking about selling or buying, or just checking market status, we have a full set of
market report, analysis, tips and advices, which are all free to you at no obligation.
The free report list includes but not limited to:

  • Your property valuation report
  • Your neighborhood  profile report
  • Your neighborhood transaction report
  • Your neighborhood appreciation report
  • Real estate market report
  • Mortgage rate report
  • Expired? how to sell a home that didn’t sell
  • FSBO? sell your own home
  • Move?  how to avoid stuck with two homes
  • Empty Nester? how to sell the place you call home
  • Divorce? what you need to know about your home, mortgage and taxes
  • Legal mistakes to avoid when selling a home
  • 88  types of turbulence or stunts to avoid 
  • 10  steps  to get your home SOLD FAST with TOP DOLLAR
  • 27  tips to get your home SOLD FAST with TOP DOLLAR
  • 5  ways to speed up your sale
  • 10 ways to make more money from home sale
  • 10 critical questions to ask when selling home
  • 10 areas to look at when selecting your agent
  • 7  real estate truths every seller should know
  • 7  steps to preparing for an open house
  • 20  low-cost ways to spruce up your  home
  • 10  ways to make your home irresistible
  • terms to watch for in a purchase contract
  • 6  trade up mistakes to avoid
  • 11 things to know to pass  your home inspection
  • 5 tings to do before putting your home to sell
  • 5 fenshui concepts to help a home sell
  • 18  moving tips for sellers
  • 6 Things You Must Know Before Yo

6 Essential of A Valid Sale Contract

17 Considerations Appraisers Use

7 Things You Need To Know About Appraisals

5 Critical Areas Lenders Scrutinize Qualifying Buyers

4 Chracteristics of Value

10 Costs When Determinng Seller's Net

Exterior, Interior, Ketchen,Batch, Attic, Garage, Open House Checklists When Selling

8 Interior Items Buyers Really Notice

Getting Your House Ready for The Marketplace

Creating A "Great Home Features Sheet"



I am passionate about my job, love my neighborhood and keep up with the latest trends
and strategies so that I can pass them on to my clients.


Your satisfaction is my success!